Exposé to a thesis

Exposé to a thesis

As part of the preparation of a thesis calling for some caregivers or universities that you anfertigst as a student the examiner a presentation to your dissertation. In this synopsis before you put your selected topic. But this assumes that you have already formulated your topic as much as possible and cheap custom writing you already dealt with it. Formulating a theme should be done carefully, because it also facilitates writing a good synopsis. Here, the points of a research question is already an important step, the time claimed. The supervisor is to get through the exposé an overview of the topic and your thoughts, so he can give you optimum feedback on the ideas and the subject. If you are planning in the wrong direction your supervisor will help you to come back on the right track.

build an exposé

If it is not otherwise required, there is a synopsis of three parts. First, you put in a word in front of the project of your thesis, in a second step, to be annexed to the embodiments, a first (coarse) division. Disclosures Last but not given to possible literature on the processed topic.

The text of the exposé

The text is intended to summarize why you chose the topic and what you are aware of the purpose of processing. First you describe briefly the starting point of the problem area and what objectives you pursue with the work. You also indicates possible results and what methods you they want to achieve. In the framework of methods also explains what requirements are needed for this; So: Survey results and analysis using software such as SPSS are necessary for successful treatment. After all, you still describe your motivation, why are you interested in the topic.

The preliminary outline

In this section of the exposé you give a brief overview of the (mental) structure your work. It must not be the final breakdown, usually submits basic framework, which gives a first insight into the subject. To create such a division you have to, however, have been incorporated into the subject in order to make more specific statements. Within the first rough outline you should reflect the most important stages of your work. Make sure you can be that a clear distinction between introduction, body and conclusion. The main part should be out require the greatest extent your work. Do you need help creating your outline? In the following article, we have summarized the most important points to create an outline using examples for you.

list of possible literature

Here you can already collect read literature that you used to create an exposé to your specific topic. In addition to introductory literature on selected problems you can even specify specific sources that deal with individual sub-items of your work. So your auditors will receive an insight into the thinking and in the direction you want to turn in your work. In addition, this collection you facilitated the writing of the later work, since you’ve already collected literature for your topic on which you can refer yourself while writing. So your bibliography already has the first possible entries. However, you have to work carefully when working with literature and sources. Loose notes you can not arrange later. Write down to insightful information always provide the necessary information for your bibliography.

example of a possible outline

Since the exposé is always tailored to your specific topic

We can only give you a general and broadly-held pattern at hand. The individual parts of the exposé remain obtained as above described, and are now filled with content.

sample text to the exposé of a bachelor thesis

Starting point : More and more is demanded of students by an exposé for their thesis. This exposé is to prepare the processing phase and already provide the auditor with a profound insight into the work. However, some students are overwhelmed with the creation of an exposé before the actual processing of the work as it is often required to detail.

objectives : The aim of this thesis is thus to give students the opportunity to create their exposé stress-free assistance. These will be described the actions of creation. Students are asked to create different patterns available in the form of a guide.

Methods & procedures : In the context of processing, this guide will now arise. For this, first collected on the basis of a survey which aspects are perceived in the creation of an exposé as very serious. The survey is structured according to the guidelines (…). The theoretical basis for the guideline general descriptions are provided for processing an exposé, as summarized in the following (…).

Therefore, in the first chapter a general introduction is given on the topic and on the methods used and evaluation mechanisms (…). In the second chapter (…). In the third chapter (…).

requirements : For processing and evaluation of surveys content, access to the software SPSS is required to formulate precise statements


My motivation : As part of my studies I was even faced with creating synopses and had to familiarize myself in the subject. (…).

As seen above, the text provides information on what exactly treated your dissertation. Here, it should be noted that the example shown is only a brief summary. Your text should be written in a flowing text that contains the elements mentioned. By paragraphs you can well separate the individual elements. Just your own motivation illustrates why is the topic of interest and what is out of your sight behind the treatment of the topic to the reader.

Sample Outline

1 Introduction to the topic synopses to a thesis

2 Theoretical Background

2.1 What is a presentation

2.2 methods for https://writingbee.com/ production of guides

2.3 Methods to create and analyze surveys

3 implementation of the survey on Exposé

3.1 Structure of the survey

3.2 Objectives of the survey

3.3 evaluations of the results

4 Creation of the Guide for editing an exposé

4.1 content of an exposé

4.2 Structure of the Guide based on the results of the survey

5 Conclusion and recommendation for action

The organization points to your train of thought, to your work impressed. What are your thoughts structured? Which aspects you consider? And to what extent you consider the different aspects? All this can clarify your outline the examiner. In addition, the division

shows the examiner if you work as part of the processing to match your theme or whether depart your division / consideration of the above problem.

Main Bibliography

A source pattern (year)

title of the source, edition, publisher, place of publication, year of publication.

pattern source B (year)

title of the source, edition, publisher, place of publication, year of publication.

The last point in the context of the exposé is the bibliography. Did you cited during the writing of the synopsis from sources they come as the bibliography as further sources you’ve already found to your subject. The examiner may then judge in connection with the outline the potential of your work and possibly provide help.

As you can see, the pattern really worked well for you to give a guidance on how you can write your exposé specifically for your dissertation. So you use a sort of template can we have asked you the examples here as a download.

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